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Events and exhibitions

  Eventi e mostre

Geasar, the management company of Olbia Airport, has always paid attention to the cultural heritage of Sardinia, organizing exhibitions and events inside the airport, which show a cross-section of arts and longstanding traditions.
The Artport Gallery is a space created specifically from Olbia Airport to set up exhibition projects for the use and enjoyment of art: exhibitions by various artists, exhibition of archaeological finds, costumes and much more.
Just two examples: the exhibition of the Carta de Logu, an ancient Constitutional text promulgated by Eleonora d’Arborea in 1392, borrowed by the Historical Archives of Cagliari and classified as a rare text, since it is the printed edition of 1805; the exhibition "Olbia: the found planetarium of Archimedes", with a display of a fragment of a toothed wheel attached to a complex mechanism that simulated and/or calculated the motion of various celestial bodies.

At the food court "Kara Food" you can also find the Artport Corner, with photographic and art exhibitions of local artists in a young and informal area available to all passengers during their moments of relax.

Then  numerous are the events organized at the airport: music, fashion, tourism the main themes.

Check out the upcoming events in this section.

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